celandic artists Björn Loki and Elsa Jónsdóttir presented two new murals few days ago on the walls of the Scandinavian Gymnasium, street. B. Hmyri, 3b. in Kiev (Ukraine). The authors developed sketches for Scandinavian travel. At the heart of the graphic design are stamps of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. Each one is made in the corresponding color of the country. The main content of the project - the importance of discoveries and curiosity to everything new. In a world where the internet is eroding geographic boundaries, learning new languages and making friends from different countries has become easier and more interesting. Today, postal stamps can be collectible, and the study of new languages is practiced in virtual communication with friends from around the world. Now everyone who wants can come and look this artworks of these two talented authors! Organizers: Sky Art Foundation, Department of Education Darnytsky district in Kyiv. Curator: Oleg Sosnov.


Borysa Hmyri 3B

50.393585, 30.631472

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